Update: Why I haven’t Been Updating

I don't normally do this but I really have no other choice at the moment. I broke my ankle a few months ago. Thankfully my insurance covered some the costs, but I still have around $550 in medical bills and a deadline to meet. I had to quit my warehouse job at Amazon because they... Continue Reading →

Featured post

Super cute Clint Barton/Phil Coulson fic with a finished podcast! Feel free to give it a listen. Lavvyan, in my opinion, is much better at reading into a mic than myself! Fic summary: Clint and Coulson are in mutually unrequited love. Natasha has no patience for their drama. And if the world were a nicer place... Continue Reading →


In The Details by Nonymos – Chapter Two

Here is the second chapter of In The Details by Nonymos, recorded by moi. Link to the text is here. The beautiful featured image is courtesy of Rudy, who made some wonderful fan art for this series.  Please comment even if it's only to say hi! I love hearing from you guys. Enjoy.

Official Facebook Page

I had free time so I made a page just for my personal blog. I'll be posting content on there as well so be sure to check it out! I'd love some suggestions on what to read next. I always love to read, guys! Now I need to get to work on an official logo. So... Continue Reading →

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